Peter Campbell

Peter has a track record of success in Australia’s property industry.

He began his career as a draftsman. In 1976, Peter started a small business preparing house plans and built several ‘spec’ homes. Demand was strong and in 1978, Clarendon Homes was born. Clarendon Homes diversified under Peter’s leadership to become the largest residential builder in NSW, and one of the largest construction companies in the country.

The company grew rapidly from 1991. New divisions were established as Peter identified opportunities within the residential property market. A land development division was established, as was a house and land packaging business, which became the successful Bellevale Homes.

By 1995 the Clarendon Property Group was building 400 homes per year, with a staff of 150.

In 1997, the Clarendon Homes division extended into Queensland and became the state’s leading builder of two-storey homes. 1997 saw the beginning of yet another residential construction division,
 Domaine Homes NSW.

Under Peter’s leadership the Clarendon Property Group was building over 2,000 houses per year by 1999. The company was recognised as the largest residential builder in NSW and the 7th largest construction company 
in Australia.

In August 2001, the Clarendon Group launched a new corporate identity, CPG Australia, to represent the multi-faceted property group it had become.

In December 2004, Peter took a new direction with the sale of CPG Australia to the Investa Property Group.

Peter established Lindsay Bennelong in 2005, bringing together a talented and experienced group of professionals to create a dynamic, opportunity- driven property development company. As Managing Director, he leads the Lindsay Bennelong team and oversees all the company’s activities, from its land acquisitions, residential, commercial and industrial developments, as well as marketing.

Lindsay Bennelong has acquired prime Sydney development sites including the former ABC studios at Gore Hill and the ADVANX site in Rushcutters Bay (where the outstanding residential development ADVANXeast is now in its second stage of construction); as well as strategically located sites for commercial development at Norwest Business Park and on the Central Coast.

In 2012 Peter who was the original founder of Clarendon Homes learned about the impending sale of Clarendon and decided to make a competitive bid for the business.

Peter was successful in his bid, and in late 2012 bought back the company he founded some 35 years earlier. The buy-back marks the beginning of an exciting new era in the history of Clarendon.